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Taco Truck

Course Project: Mobile App for a Food Truck

This course project came from a prompt generator and focused on designing a food truck app for a taco truck company in the LA area that allows users to locate food trucks and place orders for pickup.

The Problem

Working adults with busy and unpredictable schedules need to a way to place customizable food orders through an accessible app. They don’t have time time to cook and need to pick up food quickly while on the go.

The Goal

Create an accessible app for a taco food truck company that will allow users to locate food trucks and place custom orders efficiently.

Market research showed that customers most likely to purchase
a meal from a food truck are between the ages 18-34,
followed by those ages 35-44.

(National Restaurant Association)

Duration: 3 months, June - August 2022

My role: Lead UX designer, UX researcher

Responsibilities: User research, wire framing, mockups, prototyping, visual design

User Research

Market research showed that customers most likely to purchase a meal from a food truck are between the ages 18-34, followed by those ages 35-44 (National Restaurant Association). This age group consists of college students, young professionals, working parents, etc. After doing a competitive audit of other taco food truck companies in the LA area, it was clear that none of them offered an app to locate food trucks or place orders for pick up. With extremely busy schedules, users could benefit from the ability to locate trucks nearest to them and to place orders when it’s convenient for them and pick them up without having to wait in line.

User Pain Points



In order for the app to be accessible to as many users as possible, accessibility features, such as screen reader technology, should be considered.



Users need to have accurate and up-to-date information about truck locations. Instead of having a weekly posted schedule, there will be real time search option for locations. 



Some users need to accommodate health and allergy concerns and/or satisfy picky eaters. The app will allow users to customize their meal options to satisfy everybody. 


Busy Schedules

Users with busy schedules need to place orders quickly and efficiently and have an accurate pickup time. The app will give them a pickup time estimate and tracking information.

Personas (1).png

Problem Statment:

Olivia is a busy working mom who needs an app to place customizable food pickup orders because her family is always on the go with work and after-school activities.

Derek is a person with dyslexia who does hospital shift work who needs an accessible app to place food orders because it is easier to use screen reader technology than try to read the menu at the restaurant.

Problem Statment:


Paper Wireframes

When creating paper wireframes, I knew the truck locator would be the main and beginning function. After drawing a series of them, I took the strong and consistent aspects from each and made a refined design. 


Digital Wireframes

For the app’s main focus to be on truck location, I made that the home screen. The user can search by their location for the trucks in their area and see it on the map.

Map that contains food truck locations closest to the user

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 2.55.18 PM.png

Search based on the user’s current location

Two values the app seeks to uphold are accessibility and customizability. This screen offers that by adding more visual elements to balance the texts and by having meal customization options.

Large image of the menu item to give users a visual without needing to read a long description

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 10.41.47 AM.png

Ability to customize the order. There is also a text box at the bottom for further customization.

Usability Study

After creating a low-fidelity prototype, I conducted a usability study. Participants followed a series of prompts to place a customized order using the app. The time it takes the user to complete the tasks will be recorded. It will be followed by a SUS. The study goals were to determine if the food truck app is easy to use for the main user and if features need to be added or changed to make the user experience better.

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 11.01.22 AM.png

Round 1 Findings


Taco Truck Rewards navigation was confusing


Taco Truck Rewards needed more explanation


Menu navigation bar needed to be functional in prototype

Round 2 Findings


Needs more than one starting point to enter the user flow


Need a more user friendly home page before search page


Use more vibrant colors


Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 2.55.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 4.16.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 6.52.45 PM.png

Early designs focused more heavily on food truck location, with the opening screen containing the map and search options. After receiving feedback from the second usability study, I created a simpler, more welcoming home screen.

First Iteration

Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 4.08.37 PM.png

Final Mockups

After the second usability study, I realized there needed to be a better home screen as well as more than one way to enter the user flow of finding a food truck. In the final prototype, the user can search from the home screen or use the menu. I also amped up the colors to be more vibrant as one user suggested.

Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 4.12.11 PM.png

Throughout my first UX project, I learned the entire user experience design process from initial research to final prototype. It was most interesting taking feedback from usability studies and fellow designers and learning how to improve my designs for the user.

Some possible next steps are: 


Create a Reviews section where customers can give ratings and feedback. This will benefit the user so they can make better informed decisions about what to order.


Develop the Taco Truck Rewards section with a description as well as included coupon promo codes and other deals. The user would gain a better understanding of what they would be signing up for and also have the option to use promo codes without signing up.


Develop the About Us section with photos and bios of the owners and a history of the business, as well as information about each of the taco trucks. This will help users better know who they are supporting as customers of Taco Truck.

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